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Notary Public Services

Notary Public services are available to church members at no charge

through the church office.

Publishing Information and Deadlines

The deadline for the e-mail update is noon Wednesday. The deadline for the Sunday bulletin and church website is 3:00 p.m. Wednesday, but space is more limited. The Prayer Request list is started on Sunday morning and added to throughout the week. Prayer requests are published for two weeks and then dropped unless notification otherwise is received. As always, if anyone has any additions, corrections, late-breaking items, questions, or complaints, please call the church office at 755-2555.

SALT Ministry Free Meal

The meal is free to the community and will be served every Sunday from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Nitro Community Center. Unless otherwise noted, the sponsors are:


First Sundays - Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Second Sundays - First Presbyterian Church

Third Sundays - Nitro Church of God

Fourth Sundays - King's Way Christian Church

Fifth Sundays - St. Paul’s United Methodist Church

(Fifth Sundays are dine-in only - no deliveries.)


We need a number of volunteers to help with this ministry, and there are several ways you can help. Please contact Lorrie Harman for more information. You get to serve the Lord and your community and hey, you get a free meal!


Parking at the far end of the lot behind "Somewhere In Time" is OK, but please do not park in the business spaces in front of the building. Also, there is some parking available in front of the Police Station, with convenient entry through the rear door.


Howell’s Mill Christian Assembly Activities



Check out the Howell’s Mill website at www.howellsmill.org to help plan calendars and vacations. To go to the website, click on the campfire to the left.

Howell’s Mill Christian Assembly 2016 Calendar




99 Christian Camp Road, Ona, WV  25545


Telephone: (304) 743-4332


Check out our website for links to missions we partner with and go on missions Trips.


We have many weekends throughout the winter open for youth retreats and day events.

If you are interested in booking an event, call the camp to check availability. 


Upcoming Camp Events:




2017 Dates


**Full Cost

 Camp Kickoff Event 3-7pm


 May 7

 Tim Yankey & Board Members


Lifeguard / CPR Training


May 29-June 3

Tim Hall


Middle School 1

6th – 8th

June 4-9

Andy Dawes


High School 1

9th – 12th

June 11-16

Tracy Tooley


Day Camp 1

Pre-K – 1st

June 17

Joey Lewis (10 am – 4pm)


First Chance Camp 1

1st – 2nd

June 18-20

Joel Copley


Elementary 1

 2nd – 5th

June 18-23

Kimi Harris


Ace Adventure Camp

 7 – 12th

June 18-21

Nathan Rosier


Middle School 2

 6th – 8th

June 25-30

Brian Dillon / Philip Mullins


Day Camp for Special Needs

 ages 8-35

July 1

Tim Hall (10 am – 3 pm)


High School 2


July 2-7

Ben James/Scott Durbin


Day Camp 2

Pre-K – 1st

July 8

Tasha & Chris Hatfield (10 am-4 pm)


HomeSchool Camp


July 9-12

Jeremiah & Laryn Creighton


Paintball Camp

 7th – 12th

July 9-11

Tim Yankey


 Upward Sports (BB & Soccer)

 2nd – 8th

 July 13-15

 Charlie Hagley


 Elementary 2

2nd – 5th

 July 16-21

 Josh Tinkler / Kent Price


 First Chance Camp 2

 1st – 2nd

 July 16-18

Gary Sizemore


 HMCA Mission Huntington

6th – Adult

 July 23-28

 Tim Yankey (Sun. night 7-8 pm check in)


King’s Way Sponsoring the SALT Ministry Meal

King’s Way will sponsor the SALT Ministry free meal Sunday, June 25 from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. If you would like to provide something or help with serving or deliveries, please sign up at the Welcome Table.


King’s Way SALT Ministry Meal Donation Requests

We will continue accepting donations of cans of soup for distribution at our SALT Ministry meals.

Please place your donations on the Welcome Table.

All donations are appreciated!


Singing Contest

Erin McGhee and the Praise Team have cut a demo record and entered the New Life Power Factor Singing Contest at New Life 94.5 (WYNL-FM). They’ve reached the deadline for demos and the Top 10 will be decided in the next few days they listen through them all again and make what are going to be some tough decisions. Many of the entries were very good! The Top Ten acts chosen will perform June 25TH at Southridge Church for a shot to open The West Virginia Power’s Faith and Family Night on July 14TH at Appalachian Power Park.


Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry will meet Saturday, June 17 at 8:30 a.m. They are viewing the “Stepping Up” video series. Coffee and donuts will be provided. For details, please contact David Blaylock.


Small Groups Ministry

Throughout the history of the church, small groups have played a vital role. From the time of Christ to today, these values have changed countless lives and helped the church to grow and reach thousands while at the same time provide the closeness of a well-knitted community. Paradoxically, it gives the church the ability to grow larger and smaller at the same time! Small groups enhance interpersonal relationships and help both you individually and the church as a whole to grow spiritually. The elders are encouraging everyone to be involved with a small group.


A number of small groups are organizing with different curricula available for each group.

Talk to an elder or small group member to find out which small group best suits you.


Small Groups Meetings


The Ragamuffin Gospel small group meets Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the Worship/Fellowship Center. They are studying “The Purpose Driven Life,” by Rick Warren. For more information, please see Tim Thompson.


For the small group that meets at the Cooperriders’ please contact Dan or Cathy for details.


The Rick Petry/Chet Rodabaugh small group will next meet on alternating Sundays. Please see Rick or Chet for more information.


King’s Way on Facebook

Visit us at https://www.facebook.com/kwccwv/ Come Like our page and keep up with information on Sunday services, special events, inclement weather changes, and other news. 


Ezra/Kroger Update

Please see Cathy Cooperrider to make sure your Kroger Plus card is properly assigned or if you would like to sign up for the program.


Sermons on CD

Compact discs of our Sunday morning sermons are available upon request.

Please see Gary Smith or contact the church office.


Offering Envelopes

For your convenience, offering envelopes are available on request. Simply indicate you wish some on the Visitor/Member card and placing it the offering or contact the office. Ezra Project Commitment Cards are available at the Welcome Table.


EZRA - Kroger Cares Fundraising

This program provides funds for our Ezra Account. The funds, along with the other donations, will be used for improving the physical building that we own. This is a fund-raising program that only involves making your regular purchases at Kroger using your Kroger Plus Shopper’s Card card. For information on how to get a card, please see Cathy Cooperrider.



Ezra Offering

Thank you to everyone for your continued financial support for the Ezra Project. These funds continue to be important for loan payments and additional project financing. Please provide “Ezra” designation on your checks or contribution envelopes (can be obtained from church office).


Memorial Pew Plaques

In addition to the general Ezra Offering, personal donations or donations in memory of someone can be still be made. A donation of at least $750 will "purchase" a pew, and a memorial plaque will be affixed to it. This can be done individually or as a group.


Ministry Team Opportunities

Ministry Teams are what really make a church go and grow. All church activities are supported by one or more Ministry Teams, so you can see how there is plenty of action for everyone.


Callers: To call folks who are absent on Sundays. Please contact the office.


Drivers: To help folks get to and from our services. A CDL is not required. Please contact the office.


Greeters: If anyone would like to be added to the Greeter schedule, please make a note on the Member Card and place it in the offering or contact the office or sign up at the Welcome Table.


Nursery Workers: For one nursery duty per month. Please contact Nancy Dodd.


Sound Board Technicians: One to be on stage to talk to the board through headphones and one more for the sound board. Please see Gene Brooks or Gary Smith.


Offering Envelopes

For your convenience, offering envelopes are available on request. Simply indicate you wish some on the Visitor/Member card and placing it the offering or contact the office. Ezra Project Commitment Cards are available at the Welcome Table.


King’s Way Food Pantry / SALT Ministry

Beside the normal request for foodstuffs, the food pantry needs toiletry articles such as toothpaste, deodorant, etc. We also need some folks to help with the church food pantry/clothing ministry and some families or groups of individuals to volunteer for one or more SALT meal per year. You can leave donations at the Welcome Table or see Steve or Lori Hall.



There's Gold In Them Thar Empty Printer Cartridges!

King’s Way Christian EduCare, our daycare ministry, has been raising funds through recycling old inkjet cartridges, toner cartridges, and cell phones. If you have to replace any of these, please consider bringing in the empties to the room between the Worship/Fellowship Center and Brother Gene’s old office. There is a receptacle there for small items, and larger cartridges can be placed on the floor beside it.


Reserved Parking Area

We have a reserved parking area for our seniors, handicapped congregants, and visitors in front of the Worship Center. If anyone needs any physical assistance, please inform the deacons


Contact Information Updates

Please note changes of address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. on the Member card located in the pew rack and place it in the offering tray or call or e-mail the church office.


If you haven’t received a birthday or anniversary card from the church, please note your birthday  and/or anniversary as well.


If you have an e-mail address and aren’t already receiving e-mail updates from King’s Way, please write your e-mail address on a Member/Visitor card and place it in the offering.

Wednesday Evening Dinner and Fellowship


Come out for dinner and a time of fellowship before our Wednesday classes.

We will begin serving at 6:15 p.m.


Wednesday Evening Classes


The adults will meet in the Worship Center.


There will be activities for the children.


The Teens will meet in the Teen Room.


Classes begin at 6:45 p.m.


See you there!